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    Default Lots of X in Oregon

    I have lived in Oregon for many years, but I have only owned a RD since the beginning of August when I purchased my V1.

    This last weekend I took a trip from Corvallis to Lostine. It was almost entirely comprised of freeway driving - I-5, 205, and I-84 - with a about 60 miles (one way) of highway driving - Hwy 82.

    I have to say that after reading through these forums for the past couple of months, I was very surprised to find that the most often encountered radar on my entire trip was I/O X.

    Lets start with the beginning of the trip.

    Heading up through the I-5 corridor you will find a healthy combination of just about everything. I have seen Marion County Sheriffs using C/O K, unmarked Oregon State Police using I/O Ka, marked OSP using I/O X and OSP in general using Lidar.

    Moving north into the greater Portland area I found two other OSP troopers using X. I can't speak for any local or county LEO's in that area though.

    Heading east on I-84 toward the Columbia River Gorge you will find a lot of state cop's. Every single one I passed that had their radar on was using X, sometimes in C/O. On my way over I did get one frontal laser alert that lasted about 1-2 seconds. It was the first time I heard the V1 laser alert and it was certainly a wake up call. It was dark so I never did see who/where it was coming from, but it was in the middle of nowhere, somewhere past Ione. I should also mention that I did come across one Sheriff (not sure what county I was in) running with C/O K in a marked car with no lights.

    The X encounters continue with OSP all the way into Wallowa County. They drive brand new chargers but are still using I/O Front/Back X. Pretty surprising. I've been told by someone from the WCSO, that even in Wallowa County, the two OSP road troopers have lidar. I have never seen them use it or heard of anyone getting a laser ticket, so perhaps they don't have it or don't use it.

    I didn't run into any WCSO deputies so I'm not sure what band they use but I do know that they use I/O.

    That about sums it up. Just thought I would do my part in providing some info.

    Thanks for the great forum guys!

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    Default Re: Lots of X in Oregon

    Thx for the update on Oregon.

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    Default Re: Lots of X in Oregon

    Yes oregon uses alot of x but for some reason when asked what states use x oregon doesnt get mentioned as much as Ohio and New Jersey. I found out by myself, passing serveral highway patrol looking like they were using radar but never getting a warning. I then turned on X and found almost 75% were using X. They use alot of laser from bridge overpasses near la grande Or, could be what you got on your laser alert. Thanks for sharing!
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