Well Ohio state troopers are definitely using X band. Today I encountered one with X on sitting off highway. As I passed him X hit hard (all bars) then went down to nothing. Not some false alarm. Also, I got brave one day and passed a state trooper driving like an idiot barely doing 65 mph. He instantly hit me with X moving radar which surged all bars again... then went off

Also, today I encountered a K instant on. off ohio turnpike. Lucly I saw the car in front of me hit their brakes. My escort x-50 actually didn't give me any warning from the car ahead which was weird?

Of course I got hit with Laser....... It seems the troopers that shoot me with it take forever to get a lock on. By the time the detecotr goes off I could have been sleeping.............. Can't wait for Veil!!!!!!!!!!

It has been a tough day driving 200 miles through this hell hole state. God I love PA