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    I have encountered K band in Vermont ... dk about laser

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    I visited Vermont several times years ago. Back then I only encountered K band radar. I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my trips to Vermont. Everyone there was really friendly -- even when I stopped and spent some time in some of the poorer mountain towns. Just really good people all around.

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    IO and CO K and Ka is all I have ever seen but they do have laser

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    I drive through vermont quite often - drove to burlington and back last week.

    Staties have laser, K and Ka. Locals have K and Ka (mostly K). Max speed on side roads is 50 mph and the locals love to hit the out of staters with I/O K, especially with leaf peeping season coming up.

    Vermont is one of the few places that I have seen SWS. Some construction zones will brodcast it. I generally do not turn it on, but I saw it as recently as last summer in VT , something like Construction Ahead. When I first heard it, I was like WTF is that. Too bad it never caught on seems like a good idea.

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    I have seen mostley Laser and KA on 91, and K & KA on back roads. They really try to be sneaky waiting at the bottom of steep hills where it goes from 55 to 25mph for no apparent reason other than to create revenue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tosi View Post

    I personally have no problem with them patrolling on the back roads, the state speed limit is 50mph, and I find that plenty on back roads. My problem is 91 and 89 are sooooo tempting to fly through at 75-90, especially during the week before all the stupid NY, CT, RI, NJ crowd pollutes the roads with their SUV's and poor driving habits.
    I've done 91 and 89 and yeah you are right... my favorite are those long downhill slopes where you can see everything... 100 mph comes easily

    I remember once I was doing about 95 on the downhill and a Ford Escape passed me and I lost him... I wasn't comfortable going 95 around the curves and such (don't know what is waiting on the other side )

    VT enforcement isn't like New York, it is usually pretty comfortable. Normally Ka and K I have seen.

    As for "50", seems like too slow on backroads, where I am the backroads are 55 I know somewhere in VT, I want to say near Barre, VT 302? off of I-89, in any event there is a steep downhill stretch where the road opens up fairly well, I was just coasting with my foot off the gas and the car was going 60, 65, 70 (automatic), I see a black Intrepid on the other side of the road at the bottom of the hill. I think to myself, is that a cop? I hit the brakes and as soon as I do BZZZ K-band!



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