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    Default NJ state troopers 8/31

    hello...I've used my x50 for about a month now. today was the first time I actually encountered heavy patrolling on the highways. Just thought I'd share some of my views.

    yesterday on my way from exit 105 - exit 139 parkway
    I encoutered everything. From constant on X band to an occasional instant on x. As I came home southbound on the parkway(somewhere around the 130's), a trooper was sitting in the median perpendilcular to the highway ..... probably lasering southernbound traffic.

    between exit 114-109 cop was sitting behind some bushes using constant on X band. Surprinsingly it was a weak x band.

    guess because it was the end of the month

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    for Garden State Parkway (Nj)
    Just watch for exit 153 there is always a shark hidden there...

    the bad thing is my Escort 8500 does not pick his signals...

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    Default Near the Underpass

    Theres a trap in Holmdel, near the Art Center. I think its near exit 110, or in the low teens. Watch out near the underpass. I once got pulled by a cop who was hiding on the other side of the underpass, and I've seen him sitting there every time I take GSP North.

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    The GSP is such a tricky highway, you're always garanteed to see NJSP out there because its only partrolled by NJSP.

    Also, i love the Radar Used to Enforce Speed Limits signs they have up all over the place.



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