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    Default Buckeye state meet?

    First of all, does anybody have any equipment that they can bring so we can test our setups? If so, does anybody have any interest in meeting up somewhere in the near future?

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    Default Re: Buckeye state meet?

    I'd love to - but as with what I say to my car-club buddies, whether I'll be able to make it depends highly on whether my schedule changes at the last minute.

    I'd also be willing to contribute to a "fund" to rent some hardware from SufDaddy, even if I wind up not being able to make the meet.

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    Default Re: Buckeye state meet?

    I'd love to. Just let me know when. I thought about putting it up in the general section for more exposure. I think if we could just come up with a date and stick to it! Columbus is good, central for everybody!

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    Default Re: Buckeye state meet?

    post it up in that forum!



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