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    Default X-band in Colorado

    6 months or so of driving all over the country, and I'd taken the habit of ignoring X-band warnings. Last week I got an X-band on a remote highway in Colorado (between Telluride and Ridgway) and didn't slow down, and it turned out to be a CSP. Pulled me over and gave me a warning for 68 in a 60. While sitting in the cruiser, I noted his device had a PYTHON label on it, and the officer was kind enough to demonstrate for me how he uses it to monitor oncoming traffic. Thought I'd share this with y'all.

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    Default Re: X-band in Colorado

    What kind of RD do you have? If it was a remote area and I got a x-band signal and I'm in an area I have never driven I would have slowed down just in case.

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    Default Re: X-band in Colorado

    Good to know. I live in Idaho Spgs and drive to Denver and front range daily. I've yet to encounter a valid X band alert. In fact I was thinking on the way home tonight, I really need to turn X band off.



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