Well I'm a Newbie to this site and live in Calgary, Alberta but I always believe in just going to the source to get an answer. LOL

From these official responses, and what part of Alberta you are travelling in, would dictate whether you decide to use X Band or not.
In my overall opinion I would say "no" to using X Band unless you are in a "very" remote area where they might have an X Band detector still on the books.
In Cities, X Band "On", just becomes annoying and gaging from the official responses below having it "On" is a waste of time.
But here are the official responses in my "Calgary" area but this of course could be different for Edmonton, Lethbridge and other independent City Police forces.

I asked the following enforcement agencies whether they use X Band "in any way" in their traffic enforcement and here are their official responses.

Some are nice and polite; others shorter and to the point!!!

Quoted responses are as follows:

Calgary City Police:


RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police):

While "X" band technology is older, there may be one or two of these sets around however it is not likely.

New Alberta Sheriff Highway Patrol Department:

We do not now and have never used “X” band radar in our enforcement activities. The moving mode radar currently in use is “KA” band. Any stationary enforcement is conducted using Laser Speed detection Equipment.

I hope this information helps people driving in Alberta on deciding whether they enjoy the silence of X Band being "Off" or don't want to gamble and leave it "On" in remote areas.

Take Care!