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    Default NJ - List of LE vehicles for each town.

    I don't know if we have something like this, but I think it would be helpful. Simply list the town and what type of law enforcement vehicles you have seen. Add to the list as you see fit.

    Brick: Ford Crown Vic, Dodge Durango.

    Wall: Ford Crown Vic, Dodge Charger.

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    Default Re: NJ - List of LE vehicles for each town.

    Most of the towns are crown vics but...

    NJSP - Crown Vic's (marked and unmarked), Dodge Durago's (marked and unmarked) , Yukon's, (marked and unmarked) Helicopters

    NJ - Burlington County - Lumberton - Crown Vic's, Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition

    NJ - Burlington County - Medford - Crown Vic's, ford Expedition



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