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    Default Radar use in China

    I'm looking to pick up a good detector for my father-in-law for Christmas... I was thinking the STi for him, but I'm not sure if they have Ku Band in China.

    Last time I saw, he was running some PoS detector (Ka Bang!) and I'm sure he would appreciate something that actual worked..

    Anyone have any insights about that? If it helps, he's in Central China, in the city of Wuhan.

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    Default Re: Radar use in China

    ^ "K Bang" FTW!!!

    Dangit, I wish I could help here, but none of my fellow lab-mates are detector enthusiasts..... No-one knows.

    Try PM'ing - tell him that I sent you., although Taiwanese, has a lot of connections in the Far-East, and may either directly know of what you need, or could give you reference to someone who can help.

    Best of luck!



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