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    Default Meet in South Florida?


    I just had the LI dual installed on my Civic and the V1 hardwired. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in meeting up for some testing. I don't have any laser/radar equipment, unfortunately. I would prefer if we could do this after the holidays some time as I will have more free time then. PM me if you are interested. I'm in West Palm Beach.


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    Not a full blown meet, but Click Me.

    If you ever want to make the trip, we have meets up in the Orlando and Spring Hill areas. Look for posts in the Laser Jammer section.

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    Default Re: Meet in South Florida?

    I also live in west palm beach. I upgraded my RX75 to a 9500CI and veil the headlights. I been hit by laser 3 times since owning the 9500CI. I dont have a radar gun nor a lidar gun. It sill would be sweet to check each other's setup in person. You can find me in the North palm beach or palm beach gardens area.
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