The St. Joseph Police Department utilizes several types of speed measuring devices. All patrol vehicles are equipped with a handheld Stalker KA band moving/stationary radar. All traffic vehicles including motorcycles are equipped with Stalker Dual KA band moving/stationary radar with front and rear antennas. Traffic officers are also equipped with Stalker handheld LIDAR units, these are most commonly known as LASER radar. With the use of LIDAR, operators are able to single out violators on heavily traveled roadways with great accuracy and distance. The Department has 3 active RADAR and LIDAR instructors. These officers are responsible for training and certifying new personnel and are also responsible for the maintenance and repair of all department RADAR and LIDAR units.

RADAR Instructors LIDAR Instructors:
Sgt. Bill McCammon
Cpl. Richard Wall Cpl. Richard Wall
Scott Vanover Scott Vanover