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    Exclamation Huge trap in Greenville, SC

    I just got a ticket last Friday night (1/2/09) on I-85 in Greenville, South Carolina. This was on the northbound side, between the exits for I-185 and White Horse road. I was looking up at the overpass for I-185 and saw a parked car on the bridge, with a couple of individuals standing there. I started to get nervous and slowed down...when I passed under the bridge, one of the guys was staring at my vehicle, and immediately after that, I saw an unmarked cop car turn on his blue lights (approximately 100 yards behind me, in the breakdown lane) and tore up the road coming my direction. In the time that it took for him to write out the ticket, there had to have been at least 10-15 additional vehicles pulled over that I saw in that same exact stretch. The cop claimed that his laser clocked me at 81 in a 60 - however, I beg to differ. Anyway, if you're from out of state (or a SC resident, for that matter), and you go through that area, I strongly advise you to slow down when you get close to I-185, or even as further back as the highway 153 exit (previous exit).

    They must've had half of the friggin' Greenville county police dept. out there, and I'm sure they wrote up a ton of people.

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    That would be the Greenville County SO traffic unit. The unmarked units LOVE that place, and once in awhile everyone will get out there (like Friday night.) If they aren't on the bridge, then they hang out right where I-185 merges into I-85N. Sorry you got caught there. =( And yeah, they will work as far as the bridge near Highway 153, so it is a good idea to slow down even before I-185.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Greenville County (GCSO) traffic units, I-85N[/ame]
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