For those of you driving around Fairfax, Chantilly, Centreville area especially on Interstate 66:

Face constant on Ka this morning coming in to work. Around Fairfax County Parkway exit, I encountered faint Ka chirp from my STi. Chirping was getting faster so I slow down to PSL visually scanning for LEO but no where in my eye site ahead. About 10 more seconds passes, still looking for LEO but no visuall sign ahead so this is when I decided to look in my rearview mirror, BAM... there he is, ccreeping up closer and closer passing traffic from the rear.

When he was next to me, I look at his car and sure enough, Radar mounted in the middle of his windshield along with little rectangler box underneath the Radar gun (this had to be the Spectre RDD but not 100%).

He's cruiser also had 2 black box mounted on each end of the trunk (I do not know what this is).

It's a Silver unmarked cruiser by the way.

Becareful out there and nice save from STi. Gave me PLENTY PLENTY of time.