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    Default IL- 4 ISP's on 355 N 1-31-09

    355 and Butterfield northbound side. 9:30am

    1/2. Shooter: black unmarked Crown Vic facing traffic on the right shoulder shooting a PL3 through the windshield

    2/2. Chase: Fully marked ISP Crown Vic on the right shoulder just ahead.

    3. a few miles up there was another one in the center turn around shooting South bound traffic

    4. then further up past Schaumburg on 290/53 a fully marked ISP with a customer giving the driver a DUI field sobriety test. (saw him doing the follow the finger one)

    a lot of action in morning, but I saw nothing on the return trip back at 3pm
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    Default Re: IL- 4 ISP's on 355 N 1-31-09

    oooh, this is exciting. I haven't seen cops on 355 since its opening rush last November.




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