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    Default Help in PA 35 MPH over posted limit - What can I do?

    Recently I got a ticket on route 33 in Bushkill Township. The ticket was for 100 MPH in a 65. I paid the ticket and thought that was that. It turns out in PA it doesn't just stop with you paying ticket and the 5 points on my license.

    I have to goto the DMV tomorrow morning. I am reading they will take my license for 90 days. I am so screwed, what can I do here. I have a disabled wife who cannot drive due to her disability and a 10 year old son. I work an hour away with no bus, I stand to lose everything. My new job, my house, everything if I lose my license. What can i do here, will they even listen to my situation or will they just stick it to me? Anyone out there ever go through this?

    I know speeding wasn't the smartest thing, but this way extreme for my first PA speeding ticket.

    As of now it has cost me 750$ and 5 points on my license that is without a lawyer, which yes I should have gotten but I am so broke being unemployed for over 10 months, now I could lose everything...

    Can anyone offer some good advice for my DOT hearing?
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    Default Re: Help in PA 35 MPH over posted limit - What can I do?

    Does PA offer a work only permit or similar? Allows you to do job and survial nessacary driving only. Hopefully someone here more familiar with the situation and state can give you more info.

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    Default Re: Help in PA 35 MPH over posted limit - What can I do?

    There might be something that allows you just to drive to work and back, stuff like that. I'm not 100% sure about PA. But, if you get your license taken, just drive carefully for those 90 days and don't get pulled over.

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    Default Re: Help in PA 35 MPH over posted limit - What can I do?

    It seems you may be able to get a permit to drive to work or for medical treatment.

    "Obtain a Restricted License

    In some situations, those with suspended licenses may be granted limited driving privileges. If it's necessary to drive your vehicle for your job or study, or to receive medical treatment, you may apply for an Occupational Limited License. (This doesn't apply to revoked, disqualified, canceled, or recalled licenses.)

    To do so, send a completed Form DL-15, along with your proof of insurance and fee payment to the address on the form. PennDOT will determine if you qualify for the license, and will inform you of its decision within about three weeks."
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