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    Default question???

    questions: anyone here use trapster, i been reading and doing a little research on this site..

    1. is this site really helpful or do they sent you alot of junk not related to speedtraps, roadblocj..etc.

    2. anyone that uses this site, have t-mobile. how will that effect your phone bill??

    i'm tempted to use this site, but i do not know if there are dire consequences to it...

    if you use it or know anyone who does, please let me know your feedback! thanks

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    Default Re: question???

    I don't find trapster helpful. There are no real speed traps in my city, but according to Trapster, there's a bunch. It seems to me that anywhere someone sees a LEO, they mark this as a speed trap. Basically, it's cluttered with false info.

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    Default Re: question???

    I have this as an App on my iPhone. I use it only on state roads, highways, or interstates....never in town. As DJ said, the info gets cluttered. Trapster needs to develop better algorithms for database management. I DO find it to be a useful addition to my setup on roadtrips, but it is possibly my LEAST valuable tool.




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