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    Default Police Being Tricky with ENRAD

    Yesterday I took a different path home from my normal back roads since I had to pick up my kid. So I am cruising down the highway and all of a sudden saw a bunch or red lights flashing in front of me. First though, must have been an accident, then I realize it was 5 or 6 LEO with customers. Keep in mind at about this point I am passing a bunch of people in the right lane and realize I was clipping along at a good speed. I also just happen to have my V1 in the car and on and did not hear a beep out of it.

    I am frantically trying to figure out how they were catch people since I know the PSP sometime help on this road. Then I realized a little ways back I past a broken down car on the side of road, and didn't think anything of it as I pass it. Then I realize it was the car operating the ENRAD unit since there was no white line on this section of the road.

    Now, I about to freak out since I know I zipped by this car at good clip. Well, the speed gods were with me, all the LEO were busy with customers so I guess they could not take the time to come after me.

    It appears the way they had this set up was to have this car which look like it was broken down and have the ENRAD unit in front of it so you could not see it sitting on the road.
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    Default Re: Police Being Tricky with ENRAD

    broken down car???? Is this Pennsylvania?
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    Default Re: Police Being Tricky with ENRAD

    okay, "what appeared to be a broken down car" and yes it is PA

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    Default Re: Police Being Tricky with ENRAD


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    Default Re: Police Being Tricky with ENRAD

    Wilkes Barre does the same exact thing. Broken car with it running off the car battery. They do get creative i have to say.

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    Default Re: Police Being Tricky with ENRAD

    Did this happen to be in Upper Allen Township, Rt 15 near Messiah College north of Dillsburg? If so I saw it too, as it was exactly the same description of what I saw. If it was not there, maybe it is a new tactic used by local police in the state? The "broken down" car was a white Ford explorer with a cop inside wearing a green reflective vest. I was going north bound, and assumed it was VASCAR. I was unable to see a ENRADD unit due to the concrete barriers. I later heard on the radio on the traffic report to watch you speed on Rt 15 near Rt 114. BTW, the "broken down" car did not have a state government plate, I assume it was the cops personal car?

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    Default Re: Police Being Tricky with ENRAD

    It was in the Doylestown area on 611, and I just happen to help out another guy on another board getting tagged at this spot. But he did not have the details of how they go him or what ENRAD even was.

    They were using a small white car, maybe a ford or GM car, not sure of the make.

    I guess I need to be more diligent in my driving and be careful when I see a car park off the side of the road.

    Oh, when I pass all these LEO, I floored to put some distance between them and me just in case one of them finished up and decided to coming looking for me.
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