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    Default Naples FL just put up it's first RLC

    My ix has been alerting to two RLC's in naples for months, but there were no RLC's until today...

    Today I saw a crew installing the RLC systems at pine ridge and airport rd.

    I suspect that airport and davis will be next if they are not up already. (The other "false" RLC alert location from my ix.)

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    Default Re: Naples FL just put up it's first RLC

    Show them who's boss. Tear it down!

    I don't know much about RLC tickets in Florida... any easy easy beat them (throwing them out?) or some law that says RLCs aren't allowed in Florida?

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    Default Re: Naples FL just put up it's first RLC

    Thanks for the heads up, will be in that area over the next couple months off and on.

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    Default Re: Naples FL just put up it's first RLC

    Orlando also have a bunch of RLC. My 9500CI spotted 1 near Mall on Millininia, 2 near Amilia, and 1 near florida mall just to name a few. They all have a white pole thats design to flash and the camera is next to the redlight. As on today, Ft. Lauderdale, west palm beach, and jacksonville did not alert my 9500ci as i drive in those cites a lot



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