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    Default Texas to NY

    Transporting a car from Texas to NY state.

    Radar detectors available:
    My recently updated 8500 X50
    Valentine1 (unsure which version, how can I check?)

    Garmin Navi with Trapster.

    As per the CB, I may barrow a handheld as it is difficult to transport a 6' antenna on a plane. I will buy a cheap setup at a truckers stop if someone wants to set the SWR.

    How illegal is it to cover all reflective parts of the car with blue painters tape (headlights, grill) during the day. I'm hoping it will act like Laser Viel, or even better.

    What should I add, what I'm in for & what not to do.
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    Default Re: Texas to NY

    Well, at least you won't have to worry about being accused of flashing your headlights to warn oncoming traffic!

    Even if *technically* an equipment violation to have your headlights covered, even during the day, nobody is going to write you a ticket for it. I don't think they'd even stop you for it out of curiosity. Depending on the colour of the car, it's not likely to even be noticed. But I think that I'd tailor the tape to match the car to be as inconspicuous as possible. It'll be easy to explain it away as protecting the front end of the car you are delivering. No officer would question that.

    If all you're using is a handheld CB, I wouldn't worry about SWRs. It doesn't emit enough power to cause a reflective power problem problem. Just grab yourself a cheap mag mount at the first truck stop you find.

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