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    Default Houston 5/24 Win $500.00

    Bring your car and WIN $500 or more. Here is the plan. Date: 5/24/09 Time: 10-2 (FREE BRUNCH) Urban Speed event parking lot will be complete in the next 2 weeks (can park over 150 cars) and Ei8ht the new lounge will be open across the street. 1. Urban Speed will pay $250 to the event and brunch will be provided 2. Each car will pay $5 to join the event 3. We will raffle all proceeds to the winning person (tickets will be handed out) This will make it worth all of you getting up and cleaning your cars and bringing all your friends out.
    More info click on gallery to past events. Alway lot of exotics but open to everyone.
    5023 Washington Avenue
    Houston, TX 77007

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    Default Re: Houston 5/24 Win $500.00

    srry cant make it. i got a graduation to attend



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