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    Default integrated LED in trunk , charger

    houston-dallas ,i45 around 150 miles away from houston , i spot a white charger with white reflective decals on it, no light bar on top, the rear window had at least 3-4 mini light bars in interior of the car, and the interesting part in the trunk has 4 lights insertedin the trunk metal sheet facing rear and with clear lens , oval shape 5 inch with 2.5 inch , so u have an idea . couldn`t get the id of the car , was night plus his lights was bright. i am sure i will see it agin, maybe some local ...

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    Default Re: integrated LED in trunk , charger

    I saw that guy on the way home from Houston, Sunday afternoon. He was on the opposite direction service road, so I didn't get a real good look, but it was definitely a white stealth Charger.

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