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    For the first time in quite a while I can say that I was definitely saved by my little magnesium friend. I had been on the highway for about an hour without seeing much in the way of enforcement activity, which is unusual for the end of the month. Traffic was light and moving along at a good pace so I was keeping up, eyes and ears open. About 1/4 mi from one of the usual hiding spots I got a single low-strength Ka hit (ahead) and immidiately shed enough speed to get me under the limit. You'd think that the folks behind me would have figured something was up after I shed at least 15mph in a few seconds but one of them just kept right on going. (I've got the V1 quite well hidden now...theres absolutely no trace of it unless you know it's there and are looking for it.) Just around the bend I saw a marked car hidden behind trees and then an unmarked a few hundred feet ahead with some poor guy in an Audi. Everyone else got away but that one guy who passed me had a pretty good scare since he had slowed but was still probably 7-8 over and within 100 feet of the trap when I saw his brake lights.

    I'm impressed. I usually don't go fast enough to be bothered with and bought the V1 to cover me in the rare instances like this where I break out of the "safety zone." Now I know that it does it's job, and well!

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    The V1 is one hell of a driving companion! It has been my companion for a few years. I went one year without having one and would not do that again
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