As of last time I was on the forum (4 Months Ago) I had no known Laser Sightings in the South Eastern Peninsula and as I now come to the forum I have my formal regrets that I personally have been the target of the Pro Laser III 2 times on I-64, once going 95mph in a 55 and because I spotted him as soon as one person could have visual contact I outbraked to around 65 within a matter of a second or two. Their was a truck following me using me as a rabbit that didn't slow down after seeing my brake lights and before I even passed the trooper he was already in his car out to get the truck. Then the second time I had contact I was the target and I got nailed doing 81 in a 55. In all honestly I don't believe he got a speed reading because he was originally shooting cars 1000 feet out and I was in the left middle lane when I switched to the far left HOV lane and BAM he was about 200 feet in front of me when he jerked his gun and tried to get a reading on me.

So as of now I highly disregaurd using only a RD in the state of VA. GL and happy safe driving