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    Default Austin, TX. - Lidar usage increase

    Its seems that APD has been using more and more lidar this year! 50% of the cruisers I've encountered are shooting lidar. The majority of them are on N IH-35 in the morning and noon time. They also hang around in the hwy 290/183 (noon) area...and of course....Fritter's usual spots.
    The bike leos always shoot lidar.
    I haven't really paid attention to which guns they are using, but I will try to pay more attention next time.

    This is one of the reasons why I really don't speed around Austin, but it only takes one slip up in regretting not having a jammer in place. Not yet at least

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    Default Re: Austin, TX. - Lidar usage increase

    Must be Officer Fritter and his collegues

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    Default Re: Austin, TX. - Lidar usage increase

    Time to get a jammer



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