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    Default north dallas radar/laser

    alright. so im moving to dallas, texas the up here right now. i live right off of central exps..ive noticed alot and i mean alot of ka radar during day and night. however ive only noticed one trooper using ka on bush freeway so far..of north dallas(plano, garland, richardson...)which highways/pkws/roads do ya'll see radar or laser? im going to have a blast up here with the local PD's..get a camera set up and record..

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    Default Re: north dallas radar/laser

    oh i drive it allday here troopers on tollways ka i/o Kings very rare shooting lti too... addison motos bmw shoots pl3 mostly they got a stalker too, richardson lti's 2 bmw motos lots chargers few vics.. sits on centrals and main roads 500ft shots mainly, Plano lti centrals hwy75 500 shots mainly, some ka its always on allen lti bmw and few overpass stings on 75 2 Unmarked chargers too blue black dark tint.. frisco never see only ka on, the colony ka i/o and lti very lil.. garland motos unmarked 3 em Maroon,Navy, silver crowns tinted lti's and k on.. rowlett motos pl3's w ka Mean f er's, charger ka always on very lil lti and atlanta rare mostly sun's w those, Constable k band and lti sits on arapaho richardson radar center often and laser on pike garland tollbooth often. mckinney lots ka on harley motos w ka on, havent seen laser or radar guns yet there but alot ppl get stopped.. carrolton shoots lti pike w vic. irving horrible motherfers pl3's w harleys there everywere pike 114 main roads they give laser jammer tickets im hearing even me too still pushing court dates w it
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