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    Default Golden Isles police have lidar

    Here is a news story collected from the Brunswick News....

    Police have new eye on motorists

    Tue, Oct 18, 2005

    Speed detectors enhance accuracy, range


    The Brunswick News

    Golden Isles police have a new weapon at their disposal in the ongoing war against fast drivers.

    The weapon: Light Detection and Ranging, or LIDAR, speed detectors.

    The detectors, which use a laser dot to give a readout on the velocity and distance of moving vehicles, offer more accuracy than radar units that use a radio signal, officers say.

    The new equipment also is more effective in traffic. With a traditional radar reader, which uses of a conical radar signal that takes in all vehicles in its range, it is difficult to pick out individual speeders in a high-traffic area. The LIDAR units, which come equipped with a scope, let officers pinpoint a red dot on any vehicle they choose.

    The detectors have a range of almost a mile about 5,000 feet meaning officers can get a reading well before motorists realize they are being clocked.

    Brunswick police recently purchased two LIDAR detectors and plan to start using them this week. The Glynn County department has the units and is in the process of getting officers certified in their use.

    The range of the units will come as a surprise to stopped motorists.

    "Some people will say, 'When I saw you, I wasn't going that fast,'" said Brunswick Police Cpl. Ritchie Douberly. "You have to explain, 'When you saw me, you weren't, but when I saw you, you were.'"

    The accurate targeting mechanism of the LIDAR detectors makes them ideal for use in areas that typically see a lot of speeding, including parts of Newcastle, Gloucester and Habersham streets. Police say the three roads have had their share of speeders, though there has been little they could do about that.

    "In some areas, it's just about impossible for us to have any effect on speeding and we have a lot of accidents," said Brunswick Police Chief Edna Johnson.

    Knowing that officers can track the speed of individual vehicles even in high-traffic areas will hopefully make people think twice before speeding, Johnson said.

    "We hope that it will be a deterrent," Johnson said.

    Glynn County Police Lt. Jim Kelly said the county will be ready to use its LIDAR detectors within six to eight weeks. He said the new units will be used in residential areas and traffic hot spots like U.S. 341 and the F.J. Torras Causeway.
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    The Golden Isles, at least from my time in Jacksonville, are almost free of crime, so I guess the PD needs to have *some* reason to exist.



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