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    Default ohio state highway patrol laser guns

    anyone have any info on what kinds of guns they use? if i can find a cheaper laser jammer that could jam their guns id rather do that if not im just going to have to drop alot of money on a laser interceptor thanks.

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    Default Re: ohio state highway patrol laser guns

    Top three stickies in this forum.

    Read the FAQ in the Laser Jammer section. Which jammer you need has almost nothing to do with what guns you are going against.

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    Default Re: ohio state highway patrol laser guns

    LTI Marksman/Ultralyte series. I have also seen a stalker in use a few years ago. its not uncommon to see local cops on the highways in their city shooting prolasers either (I675 area). (wilmington, fairborn, beavercreek, centerville, and franklin)

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    Default Re: ohio state highway patrol laser guns

    Some departments on SouthWest Ohio now have TruSpeed Lidar guns.

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    Default Re: ohio state highway patrol laser guns

    Using a cheap laser jammer is like using a cheap condom. It will cost you big bucks before it is over with.



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