Okay, so I haven't decided yet, but I've thought about possibly doing a DIY install on my car. Basically I want 5% VLT on the rear sides, which will be legal come September. I'm wondering if installers would be willing to do this. Also I'm wondering if most installers put the "Sunscreening label" on front side windows, and I'm wondering if I do it DIY what the sunscreen labels look like so I can print one out myself.

What really irks me is the sunscreen label law it's self, which reads:

sunscreening device must have a label that:
(1) is legible;
(2) contains information required by the department on
light transmission and luminous reflectance of the device; and
(3) is permanently installed between the material and

Sunscreening device as defined, includes tint and film.

So, here's what irks me, the car it's self comes with 70% VLT tint, so am I already in violation
since there's a 'sunscreening device' on my car already and no label in compliance with
547.609. Secondly, the law specifically restricts you from putting anything on
your front side windows that are more then 25% VLT NET, so does this mean the label
it's self must also be 25% VLT NET, and if not, why is there no specification,
couldn't I make my entire window a 'label' effectively blacking out my windows.

Also, does this label need to be only on driver side, or both front windows, since rear sides
and rear will be exempt, but if the sunscreening device is on front passenger side, wouldn't i need
2 labels for each front side. Ugh. Statutes are annoying.
the surface to which the material is applied.