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    Default IL- ISP using *selective* I/O Ka

    Witnessed was ISP District 5 but as a statewide agency these trends to spread quickly. Approached, identified visually as a pack was clearing...passed him as a few one cars came by then the lead of the next pack got blasted (all opposing traffic)

    GF was driving so no video but I did get photo....

    (District 5 car 69)

    Marked his spot in the median on Trapster, it was I55 NB MM221.

    This is the first I've seen them be selective about their I/O use.

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    Default Re: IL- ISP using *selective* I/O Ka

    Thanks for letting us know.

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    Default Re: IL- ISP using *selective* I/O Ka

    I've noticed when the fronts are facing the traffic they are monitering the I/O is VERY selective. When they are parked in the same direction of traffic being monitered everybody gets it.

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    Default Re: IL- ISP using *selective* I/O Ka

    i have seen this. also, i have seen them up near chicago (290/294/90) sitting on the on-ramps with i/o and laser.

    i passed 8 people pulled over from "rampers" within about 1/5 miles. no joke! just a heads up!!



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