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    Default OH, PA, NY, I 90, 79, 80 and 86 Crackdown

    According to the news there is a major crackdown in effect in Ohio, PA, and NY going on right now, and I can definitely attest to this. Anyone have any experiences with it? (just a short lil' article I found, there's a " www " in there somewhere, damn post count privileges)

    Today driving home from my summer classes at a local college on I-90 I saw three cops within five miles, one using I/O K targeting opposite-bound cars as he was hiding behind an embankment, thank god for people's brake-lights on that. The other two were also stationary K, the Whistler picked them up beautifully, although not that they were out in the middle of the median in fully painted squad cars w/ old fashioned RWB light bars or anything. I hear this partially has to do with budget cuts, and it really wouldn't surprise me one bit. Safer highways my ass.

    I even saw some staties leave the highway and go onto local roads , something I'd never seen before (even though I just started this, I've always been able to tell locals and staties apart) and were radaring, one was even using using POP, wtf? Scary stuff. OK, more like fun but hey, you get what I'm saying.

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    Default Re: OH, PA, NY, I 90, 79, 80 and 86 Crackdown

    I have been seeing this too. But not just on the major highways local cops are setting up their little field goals (ENRADD) more often. Also using VASCAR.

    Haven't seen PSP on the local roads. Hopefully i don't ever see troopers on the local roads by my area.



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