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When and where:

93 South MM 26-25 (Stoneham AREA)

93 South at the Route 28 overpass between Mile MArkers 26 and 25.
In break down lane presuming radar TUCKED under the bridge abuttment.

93 South MM 28? Exit #36? (Stoneham AREA)

Also at the OTHER Stoneham exit JUST south of 128 (near the skating rink, Mc Donalds and Citizens Bank, Exxon etc.... in the OFF ramp ON ramp grassy breakdown area.
Parked sideways (perpendicular) to trafic, drivers window down and lasering cars. 2:PM

DUI special:
93 NB just before the Rt 28 Stoneham exit, 2: AM
State Police on the long straightaway by the reservior, on the grass BEHIND the guard rail. SNEAKY spot.

190 West? Exit 6-7?
By Brick:
I was driving the length of 190 today between Worcester and Leominster when I happened upon a marked MA state trooper working the north-bound side of the road with laser between Exit 6 and Exit 7. I was travelling south-bound but it was plainly obvious what he was up to, parked on the right side perpendicular to the road so that he could aim out the window. It's kind of sad because now that the construction has been completed this is one of the flattest, smoothest, safest highways around. Especially considering how light the traffic is.
More by Brick:
190 is starting to become one of my least favorite roads ever. I saw another unmarked state trooper on my way home, this time a silver Taurus. If he hadn't been lit up like a christmas tree behind his victim I never would have thought it was a cop.

3 South MM 9? (Plymouth AREA)
Route 3 SB in Plymouth South of exit 5
Just behind the bridge abuttment in the BDL.....

RT 6 Hyannis Exit 6 & 7 AREA
Route 6 East Mid Cape Highway, at the rest area between the Exit 6 & 7
Using the old LTI Marksman 20/20 on East bound traffic.

-Suf Daddy