well been in dallas last weekend and i got save few times , Ka most .
is a new charger , black or dark blue not sure if has light bar on top , but i bet is loaded.
has mark police on side with brown and is hard to spot , is brown on black ! u may find it around 170-180 miles on green markers on side of the roads.it runs Ka and is not that long radar wave like troopers , this Ka is short in range .
when i went to dallas was sit on side of the road very stealth in the night , and when i come back to Houston he was in high grass under the bridge in median running both sides. is very stealth if i didn`t have the x50 i bet i pass over it.`
keep your eyes open , is there !
also are some troopers that runs radar from entry ramp , get u right in your plate.
be safe!