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    Default My observations on Nevada, Interstate 80

    In Nevada along I-80, there are some things you should not do - radar detector or not. When within 3 miles of a "major" town (if you can call them that), slow down to 80. About 90% of NHP units are just outside of town, perhaps 5 miles out. It is rare to see them in the boondocks 30 miles out from their home base.

    Case in point - I was driving just a few weeks ago eastbound I-80, cruising along at 92-ish and another car close by making the same pace. We were 3 miles from Winnemucca and I slowed to 82 or so, but my "partner" car who was with me for the past 20 miles did not slow down. I was thinking to myself, "that's risky". About 15 seconds later I see a NHP car crawling out of the center divider brush and snag him. (Instant on, of course). 90% of the time they are NOT in the open desert, but on the flip side, 80% of the time they ARE lurking within a mile or two from the first exit.

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    Default Re: My observations on Nevada, Interstate 80

    I have drove that road a few times and you are exactly right about the NHP hanging out a few miles from the "major" towns there, I don't blame them because, there ain't much on the I-80 route thru Nevada.

    The last time I went thru Nevada a couple of years ago they were running pretty much K band from the 4 or 5 HP I met. Did you happen to notice what band they were using?

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    Default Re: My observations on Nevada, Interstate 80

    Watch out as Nevada Highway Patrol are using POP mode radar all throughtout Nevada. Best to keep it turned on while there and then turn it off when you pass the state line.



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