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    Default Question for Colorado drivers

    I have learned recently through an aquantance that in the cities of Colorado Springs and Denver that if you are cited for 20 over the posted speed limit then it is a mandatory court appearance. How can the cities override state law by setting (presumably misdemeanor) speeding at 20 over when the colorado dmv website states that 25 MPH or OVER the posted speed limit can be charged as reckless driving? According to the CO dmv 10-19 over the posted speed limit is a non-criminal traffic infraction worth four demerit points while 20-24 over the posted speed limit is a 6 point non-criminal traffic infraction. So, how can Denver and C-Springs override state law on this? Or am I just interpreting the mandatory court appearance wrong (in other words, is it still an infraction to drive 20 over and they just make you go to court over it anyway at that speed?)

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    Default Re: Question for Colorado drivers

    I am not familiar with those laws but I do know as far as conceal carry (ccw) goes it used to be that the local law superseded state law in CO.

    Maybe they are trying the same thing until it is overturned in court.



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