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    Default Katy(Houston), TX Trip

    I need to make a quick trip down to Katy, TX today probably leaving within the next half hour to an hour. My aunt had surgery 3 days ago so my mom went down to help out as my uncle is a contractor in Iraq, but she was having issues connecting to the internet down there and she has to do payroll. My cousin did some tinkering and now nobody can connect so I need to go fix it for them. Anyways...What are the hotspots I should be looking for? I'll be running Trapster along with my STI-R and Blinder for this trip but any additional information would be helpful.

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    Default Re: Katy(Houston), TX Trip

    You are all set... watch out Along I10... DPS with I/O and HPD with laser... and Precinct 5 with Laser and KA.



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