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    Default Audi on I-35 from austin to ? 11-08-09

    Anyone on here in a Grey Audi cruise with an Orange Acura on sunday from 1pm to about 3pm on I35 N from Austin to the 35E and 35W split? I went on 35W and you took 35E.

    Who ever it was had what I believe to be an escort mounted high and Just barely peaking out from the lower left side of the RVM, it was not imposible to see but not eye catching like a center of windshield mount.

    If your on here, Just wanted to say good driving hehe, it was fun until the idiots tagged along. The 16-20 yr old female driving the white kia was an idiot and even more so to drive like she was without a RD.

    The silver volvo also pissed me off and almost went into the wall to avoid being hit by me when I was changing lanes after having my signal on well in advance and had PLENTY of room until the retard floored it to keep me from getting in front of them. They saw the birdie when they passed me lol.

    On my trip to austin I saw maybe 2-3 officers but all had customers and then on the way back I saw a few with customers and 1 local (unsure of city) with some kind of lidar hiding over in the trees on the frontage road taging NB traffic. He either tagged me once or I picked up scatter. After him about 2 miles there was a DPS unit sitting behind an over pass, but parked on the hill shooting lidar out of his drivers window. They both had sneaky spots to tag people, but with the traffic the way it was they would not have had much a chance to catch a vehicle without going way out of their area or running lights just to get traffic out of the way.

    Oh, any of yall into techno or atleast heard a few techno songs you like? I am pretty country, i listen to rock/metal/texas country and OCCASIONLY r&b or some pop that has a catchy tune, but I went to see Deadmou5 at Stubbs, and holy hell that was a cool show! it was lots of fun and wont be my last one to go to.

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    Default Re: Audi on I-35 from austin to ? 11-08-09

    Super Trooper Porsche Song

    If you haven't seen the movie Super Troopers, stop what you are doing NOW and go watch it.

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    Default Re: Audi on I-35 from austin to ? 11-08-09

    I like techno. Hey Baby and I Remember by Deadmau5 are good:

    [ame=]YouTube - Deadmau5 - Hey Baby (Original Mix)[/ame]

    Tiesto and Benny Benassi are good too.

    [ame=]YouTube - Satisfaction[/ame]



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