There's been repaving construction on I-57 south of Champaign since the late spring. There is currently one zone on the southbound side just south of Arcola where it's one lane for a couple of miles. There are signs and barrels and so on. Then it opens to 2 lanes for about a mile or two where there are no barrels or signs, but there is no "End of Construction Zone Speed Limt" sign. Then you come to another one-lane zone. The IL state police have been giving out tickets for cars doing 65-70 in between the two zones. Their reasoning is that there was no sign indicating an end to the construction zone, so drivers are still limited to 55. I know guy who got nailed doing 70, which normally would have been ignored. He fought it in court with pictures of the area showing no barrels or cones or other signs of construction, but he lost. The judge said since there was never a sign indicating the end of the construction zone speed limit, he should have stayed at 55, just as the SP were claiming. Seems like a bit of a scam to me, but it holds up in court.