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    Default Tucson Arizona - ATS owns the road AND the sidewalk

    This morning at 0750 MST I spotted ATS working on cameras in my area. I could not help but to stop the vehicle and take some photos when I saw that this worker had decided that he could park anywhere he chooses.

    When I approached the vehicle he asked if he could help me and I said no, I was fine as I kept taking the photos.

    He kept asking and asking may I help you and I advised him that I needed no help and that this is a public sidewalk.

    When I walked around to take a shot of the inside of the box he quickly closed it. I guess did not want me to see the magic in the box. I was thinking perhaps there was a little tiny GNOME LEO in there.

    So when I was done I advised him that he may want to move his vehicle as it was blocking a public sidewalk. He put his hand on my shoulder as if to direct me on which way to go. I am sure he was not aware that his actions constituted assault but I saved my reaction for another day.

    Anyway as I was walking away I noticed the information on the back of his vehicle pertaining to safe driving.

    So just in case any others of you happened to see this and you were as unhappy as I was about his parking and blocking the sidewalk (and possibly interfering with little GNOME LEO in his wheelchair trying to get to the restroom while on his morning break), I thought I would post these pictures and information about the time, date, direction, and location of this terrible act so you could call in too if you were so inclined.

    Easbound Ruthrauff Rd, Tucson, Arizona approaching Wetmore at 7:50 am 11/18/2009
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