No, not gambling.

I was on one of my late night return treks to Utah going through Wells, Nevada around 11:00pm one night. I was damn tired and I still had 3 hours of driving to get back. The road was empty, and I was pushing my usual 90 mph. I was using cruise control, bad idea.

Upon entering Wells (it takes about 1 minute to drive from one end of town to the other) my detector lit up and I could see right away there was a NHP car opposite direction. I started fiddling with the cruise control and finally pushed on the brakes, but it did not disengage and the throttle started fighting me. All the while the detector is at full alert - way too long. The NHP LEO turns on his reds. I thought I was DOA. I finally got the cruise switch off, and looked back to my left and saw the LEO had turned his lights off, and kept on going.

No more cruise control for me.