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    Default Attention DC/MD/VA drivers....what are they using?

    To DC/MD/VA (northern VA) drivers:

    I've had a RD for a couple of months now and so far I've gotten 2 hits from a laser gun. The rest are K bands from speed cameras (in MD) and various electronic signs. As far as I know, I have no KA band encounters yet.

    So my question to the folks who live in the DC metropolitan area, what are your encounters? What are they using in Montgomery county, Fairfax county, beltway, 95 corridor, etc.? Is it purely laser? How much do they use KA band guns?

    Thanks in advance for your input!

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    Default Re: Attention DC/MD/VA drivers....what are they using?

    Check the Radar Bands page. What detector are you running and do you have a LJ? In Maryland the State Police run KA band and Laser. I run into mostly KA band around the Baltimore area...never had any laser hits except for Rt. 100 near Arundel Mills. Virginia state police use KA Band and Laser. County cops in Maryland range from K to a few departments upgrading to KA such as Anne Arundel County. X band is used in Wicomico County and only Wicomico in MD. There is some X band in VA near the NC Border. DC Uses K and Ka from what I have seen.

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    Default Re: Attention DC/MD/VA drivers....what are they using?

    I've been lasered by the transit police near the key bridge and several times by the MSP on 270. K and KA are commonly used as well.

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    Default Re: Attention DC/MD/VA drivers....what are they using?

    I saw a lot of Ka on my recent trip through the metro area. Also some K, some laser and over in the boonies of MD some X band!!!
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    Default Re: Attention DC/MD/VA drivers....what are they using?

    Careful with that RD in Virginia and DC. It's a ticketable offense there.

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    Default Re: Attention DC/MD/VA drivers....what are they using?

    I personally don't run my RD in VA - I'm perfectly happy going ~12 over there, and I've found that the police there really aren't interested in ticketing highway drivers unless they're going 80 or more (wreckless driving, huh )

    From what I've been able to visiually identify, however, in Farifax I know they run Harley's with PLIII's as well as the normal VSP which is Ka of some type, I believe, (I have yet to see a cruiser running laser on my 20 or 25 trips to date from Richmond to PA)

    As for MD, I have yet to see a laser gun anywhere on my travels through Maryland. PG County (beltway) has K band of some type (I've seen constant and IO, but always moving on the beltway) and MSP use Ka (Stalker Duals I believe)...they also have some good undercover cars like Mustang GTs. However, most of the time MSP are using moving Ka that is constant in my experience, most stationary troopers in the median that I have seen on 95 are not running anything at all

    Be careful around the Ft. McHenry tunnel in Baltimore as well, Baltimore city cops run laser there, and Maryland Transit Authority almost always have someone pulled over (they run Stalkers I believe, I don't know whether they use I/O or C/O though).
    Hope this helps
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    Default Re: Attention DC/MD/VA drivers....what are they using?

    Maryland State Police run 35.5 on rte.70 west of I-81 to WV border. On my last trip I got I/O'd once and had two other C/O hits. All were 35.5.



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