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    Default Photo Radar Installed at Charlotte, NC & Atlanta, GA

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    ATLANTA. Im never leaving.


    well thats just great :roll:

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    They have a contract with Howard County in MD

    Looks like they have cameras in Montgomery Co MD as well.

    In Georgia, Snellville, Lilburn, Athens, Decatur, and Marietta either have or plan to install the systems. Location info is on the website under the news section.


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    Default I know those things................ FUN stuff to DO.

    There are cameras in Columbia, my brother in law lives there.
    I've set some off too. Blocks from the 100 / 29. (East of the 95 ~20 miles south of Balt.)

    The FUn part is, if you approach the intersection at speed (40 MPH or so) then jam on the brakes stopping at the stop line. The camera bulbs go off in the intersection. I think its wasting film saying you ran a red light taking the picture for proof.

    I laugh every time I set them off, never got a ticket either.
    -Suf Daddy

    " announced today the extent of their automated red light camera enforcement program operating out of the Howard County Regional Automated Enforcement Center (RAEC) in Columbia, MD. The turnkey contract provides for LaserCraft to install and operate approximately 120 of their proprietary Laser Red Light Monitoring Systems (Laser RMS) across 13 Maryland jurisdictions"

    -Suf Daddy

    Quote Originally Posted by edweird
    They have a contract with Howard County in MD

    Looks like they have cameras in Montgomery Co MD as well.




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