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    Default Florida Highways

    I was wondering who else occupies the Florida highways? I am often on I95 between south Florida and Orlando- School in one place, parents in another.
    What kind of countermeasures do you all use? I ordered a v995, but what else should i use? I am thinking of getting a CB radio, but that would really only be an anti-boredom tool, since 3 hours alone is by no means long, but it can be a bit mind numbing...

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    FHP likes to use laser a lot so if you have the funds I would pick up a Laser Jammer but a CB will also help a lot

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    Default Re: Florida Highways

    I travel those roads all the time and know FHP very well. They just aquired new Laser Atlanta in 2009. On a consistant bases, FHP uses them mostly from Boytoin Beach to West Palm Beach. Once you pass those area, watch out for Port St Lucies as they got 1 there too. No lidar alarts on Turnpike from Ft Pierce to Orlando exit 259. In all cases, expect them to be on the bottom on a hill aiming at the carpool lane. They rarely hit the other lanes. No K-band from FHP ever in my 5 years with radar. They mostly run KA 34.something but rarely I/O. I guess 5% I/O. I got no CB so no comment there. Oh, NEVER pass a charger, Impala, Crown Vics unless you confirm its not an unmarked.



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