This info's only useful to San Diego County residents, but while driving along Cal 67 S tonight just past Scripps Poway Pkwy, I picked up the usual K-Band signal from the speed sign (there are tons of them on this road), then my V1 dinged a second bogey on Ka. Not quite a brown stain alert (full-on blast), but close enough that I knew I was headed for trouble.

Sure enough, just past the speed sign was a CHP cruiser shooting I/O Ka, and being remarkably selective about his targets. I had slowed to 57 after getting the Ka hit (psl is 55), but the driver a couple hundred yards behind me who was still doing (I'd guess) a little north of 60 took a hit. The cruiser didn't light him up, though.

Within the next mile or so, I encountered two other cruisers, each with a paying customer lined up.

Reported on Trapster just in case anyone else cruises that road (doubtful). The monthly farming of CA 67 has begun, and will probably last for a day or two before the locals get the word out and they move back to the freeways.