I've been commuting to Denver and get K band random instant on signals on my old V1 all along the way. I think CDOT or the Highway Patrol have installed timed instant on radar emitters on sign posts along the I25 and 36 to desensitizes us to our radar detectors instant on signals. On other roads I don't get the same alerts so I don't think my V1 is defective.

Now when I get an instant on I look around before slowing which is probably enough time for a lock. It's a very smart idea they have employed in my opinion. I'm not sure how to beat it other than keeping my eyes open which is probably a good idea anyway.

Further the units I suspect are doing it are solar powered so they only function during daylight. I haven't seen a radar trap in weeks and I think they'd have to turn the system off to set up a radar trap to avoid interference. I don't know if they can turn a short segment off or have to turn the whole thing off but I think I'll be extra careful if it's off. I haven't seen a cop when it's on.

I'll try to get a picture of what I believe are the emitters. I'm thinking of calling highway patrol to ask about it.

In general I think enforcement is down. Have there been highway patrol budget cuts? A positive consequence of our recession?