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    Question Driving threw Kenosha County in WI?

    I drive a stretch of road everyday during the week. Hwy 50 from Kenosha to the West. I have noticed that Kenosha Country Sheriffs seem to not be running Radar anymore. I have not been hit with Radar from a Sheriff in over 2 months. All they do is find a hiding place on the side of the road and shot Laser. They have several hiding spots up and down the stretch of road. I was wondering if anyone else drives in this area and has noticed this too. I see that the radar is installed in the car. Is there a change in the laws in this area? Have they adapted new policy on acquiring speed? Just wondering and curious!

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    Default Re: Driving threw Kenosha County in WI?

    Sounds like the boys are just egar to play with their new toys.

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    I can never remember, it is either Kenosha or Racine (probably both), they pick a spot on the on ramp, go perpendicular to the freeway, and shoot LIDAR down it. They are nearly impossible to see and the CB radio isn't all that active.



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