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    Default san francisco to nevada..V1

    hi all,

    im currently in nevada from san francisco... and i saw NUMEROUS CHP and Different county cops.... but mainly i saw chp all over.... out of like 9 of them, 1 had a damn radar on?!?! the v1 didnt notify me of any of them... some were pulled over giving people tickets already... and some were waiting on the side.... the only time it went off was when there was a chp at an accident scene.... so my question is, do chp not use radars anymore?!? its just weird to me... i thought they would leave their radars on as i have seen in youtube videos... so now, i dont know if i really even need a RD if most cops in california dont use it??

    btw, the settings are stock settings...i bought this brand new off the v1 website
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    Default Re: san francisco to nevada..V1

    From what has been reported, CHP is using laser as well. The V1 may not pick up a laser shot:

    [ame=]YouTube - Laser Interceptor vs. Ultralyte 20/20[/ame]

    Only reliable defense against laser is a laser jammer.

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    Default Re: san francisco to nevada..V1

    wow...if most chp is now using defeats the purpose of having a RD?? seems like the passed few days ive seen alot of chp..none of them have radars on whatsoever...

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    Default Re: san francisco to nevada..V1

    Do you see them holding a gun out their window when you pass them?

    Laser does defeat the purpose of a RD but a RD is still a necessity; small towns sometimes don't have enough money for laser guns so they use radar.
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    Default Re: san francisco to nevada..V1

    I seem to find them inconsistent lately. Some days it's quiet and I only see couple if any. Other times I see them often. Few weeks ago a few were pacing. Last week, using rear Ka radar seem to be the run of the day - for 4 of them anyway.
    Haven't figured them out yet. I guess changing tactics is like fishing.
    Coming back one time I saw one of the troopers shooting laser just as I was approaching an overpass. On the other side of the overpass were chase vehicles, four of them ready to run on the merge lane. It looked like a good way to get speeders since it was at a down grade. Haven't seen any there since - so I never know where or what they're doing. I just take it easy most of the ride and enjoy the scene. Sure wish the road surface was in better shape in some areas.

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    Default Re: san francisco to nevada..V1

    Some of them are turning off their radars and trying the PACING to defeat the V1.

    The V1 is pretty damn sensitive to laser, at least my latest 3.872 visor mounted picks it up with no problems.

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    Default Re: san francisco to nevada..V1

    i think they were pacing...but the ones that are pulled over on the side waiting, they were probably waiting for a car to come flying out of the pack....they didnt have radars or any guns sticking out the windows.

    so they tend to switch up all the time? sometimes pacing, sometimes radar, sometimes laser? i was kind of worried they were going to stop using radar and maybe just use lidar instead...

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    Default Re: san francisco to nevada..V1

    If the cop was broadcasting the V1 would of noted it end of story. Remember you didn't get a ticket right?

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    Default Re: san francisco to nevada..V1

    Quote Originally Posted by ghz1 View Post
    If the cop was broadcasting the V1 would of noted it end of story. Remember you didn't get a ticket right?
    true...but i was going with the speed of traffic at the time..which was about 75-80mph... i was just concerned why the v1 didnt pick anything up from a chp on a near 3hr drive after encountering numerous leos

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    Default Re: san francisco to nevada..V1

    More then likely the police were using Laser, Vascar or both. You need a laser jammer for best defense against lidar. Have a Valentine 3.864 and have no problems detecting laser. Did you check setting # 4 to make sure your laser detection was on?

    Laser Detector Performance Comparison Charts Grouped by Police Laser Gun



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