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    Default TX State Trooper in Blue Unmarked Crown Vic

    Yes, you read this correctly. Yesterday driving back to Dallas from my sisters college in Abilene I drove through this little redneck town called Eastland. In Eastland I was about to pass a car when I saw a blue Crown Vic on the right side of the road with flashing strobes. So doing what a good citizen as myself should, I moved over to the left lane so I could continue to do the PSL. As I passed I looked at the cop for a second and realized, it was not an Eastland cop. It was a state trooper wearing his brown nazi uniform, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, along with his wonderful red arm patches with a star and outline of Texas in the center. Just a little warning for anybody who drives I-20 around Eastland. I unfortunately do not run my HD cameras on longer drives because I cannot get a continuous power adapter for it so the SD is a bit hard to make out the colors. It's not just the Black and White marked cars that we have to worry about now.

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    Default Re: TX State Trooper in Blue Unmarked Crown Vic

    wow. Thanks for posting that up. This is going to make my roadtrips a bit more cauious.

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    Default Re: TX State Trooper in Blue Unmarked Crown Vic

    Thanks, first time ever knowing about this.

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    Default Re: TX State Trooper in Blue Unmarked Crown Vic

    seen that same car today...

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    Default Re: TX State Trooper in Blue Unmarked Crown Vic

    They are getting pretty on my way home, i usually pick up k band from this hotel......well the signal was at full ramp up, which was odd. but as i drove by i saw and unmarked crown vic sitting there...



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