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    There is a camera mounted on a post 20' in air with what looks like a rectangular box pointed directly at the highway-90 degrees to road. There are two of these rectangular white box's on both sides of the highway in the same location. Each one has another box located prior to reaching the one box with the camera mounted on it... 390 South, Rochester, NY just north of the Chili Ave exit. Speed cameras are only allowed in E-Z Pass lanes on the thruway.

    Allright here is the scoop on this. It is microwave, (traffic counter) it can read three lanes at one time. It gets 1-number of vehicles traveling road, 2-speed at which they are traveling, 3-type of vehicle (ie:car, truck, moto.) You can be timed from one microwave sensor to the next. It is suppose to get the average speed traveled by vehicles on a particular highway. The camera is only used to monitor traffic flow and if there is an accident to dispatch LEO's.

    Problem that I see is if it truly microwave is how to detect it unless it is registered on 9500ix data base. There are no plans in the current future to use or put speed cameras up in NYS
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