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    Let me say first of all that I was a radar specialist for the U.S.Army many years ago and have used radar detectors for about 20 years. I'm only stateing that so my credability is established. I am in no way a local or county or state officer but I have had the pleasure of riding as a civilian with all the mentioned officers. In Ohio, to ride with State Troopers, you have to be a reservist and it's like "pulling hair" to get the Post Commanders to let you ride along even with those credentials!
    In Ohio, your local and County officers mainly use the usual radar unites and of course Laser guns. You truely need your radar detector wide open with all bands on here because you never know what counter measure device your car or motorcycle will encounter?
    All officers young and old male or female are experts in R/F Hold(Instant On). That's why there's no prominant use of Ka band here in Ohio because it really doesn't matter if your triggering your radar unite!
    One thing is for sure, there's NO radar guns! One of my friends from way back lost his father in law who was an Ohio State Trooper and he was a master with the Radar Gun. He died from testicular cancer in which MAY have been caused by his use of a Radar Gun? Anyway, no more Radar Guns are being used by any law enforcement that I have noticed?
    The Ohio State Patrol knows that detectors are legal in all of Ohio so they have Radar School once a year to train all rookies and even current officers on the use of R/F Hold as an art form. In other words, to have the "upper hand" in the cat and mouse game of catching you with your pants down! It's been very effective for sure!
    The Laser gun pretty much closed the deal on counter measuring! It's very accurate, easy to single out what ever mode of transportation you have, can be used at great distances and can not be detected but only jammed with any confidence. Once they perfect it to use while moving, forget it brother but, how safe would that be. The officer would only have one hand on the wheel! Well, they would make it hands free?
    I get a kick out of these old farts that are using detectors from the 80's and swear they are effective? There old detectors only can detect X and K band. It's because Ohio State Patrol still widely uses X band. We all know that's a primative band width but as I said, in R/F Hold, it's still effective. All the Trooper knows is that if he uses his radar unite in R/F Hold, he has a better chance at nailing you. The Trooper couldn't care less which band is in use! But, if grandpa motors into the city, he has about a 90% chance of getting zapped by Ka Super Wide and guess what, it's citation time!
    I had a rookie Trooper(male) zapp me about 2 years ago at this time setting "blacked out" and using his Laser gun in pitch black darkness. He was so proud of himself because he saw my Bell attached to my windshield. I, repectfully, reminded him about setting stationary with no running lights on? He then handed me my license back and said,"Have a nice day!" Sometimes you may have to question authority but do it tactfully. The officer has a choice, a verbal warning or written citation. One of the two will save you a lot of money!

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    Thanks for your insight...A good deal of the forum members are from OH and all have a top level radar detector and laser jammer

    Also this thread is better suited in the "Speed Trap Info" forum.

    Spoiler: show

    Radar Detectors-V1 & BEL v995
    Laser Jammer-Laser Interceptor Quad
    GPS Camera Locator-Cheetah C100
    GPS Nav-Garmin nuvi w/Trapster
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    Scanner-RS Pro-96

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    What part of Ohio are you from?

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    u can always get a detectives card and get caught doing 110mph in a 65mph zone, give them the card and they take it away (very angrily) with a verbal citation.

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    Default Building on what radar wizard says:

    Any continuous wave (CW) radar transmitter held in "instant on" mode will no doubt be quite effective against the RD, if the traffic is light and the operator can lay off zapping each car as they go by. Long range detection is your friend here along with the drivers' attentiveness.

    BTDT with Speedguns and K-15 II.

    Until the CW radar is replaced with a modulated system similar to aircraft radar; where multiple targets can be tracked and identified separately, the speed reading will always be questioned in its association with a specific vehicle as well as its accuracy.

    Just a short browse of Ebay every few months produces the kit radar gizmo that sends back the tune "its a small world after all......" phase shift to the radar unit's doppler audio, showing its the harmonics, vibrations and other reflections the units electronics sometimes latches onto to........

    Only the informed motorist will use the law and know what their rights are during the traffic stop to keep everyone honest and remind all involved that specific proceedures and training are in place for a reason.

    The day of a moving LIDAR system(s) are here, just combining existing technologies in a combination not already used............ Its that simple. even a "lay-man" like myself can figure out how to do it. However, I'm not going to do their work for them by telling them how to do it.

    As always, accuracy is the question of the day, and until a decent system of checks and balances is in place for the motorist rights, the ticket charges will remain a crap shoot as the assumption that everyone speeds is the unwritten rule.

    For more reading about how the motorist isn't being vindicated even with the Genesis scandal in PA or similar interference readings which are commonplace with most radar equipment in use today, use your search engine to find articles about the Genesis PA case or the inaccuracies of LIDAR.

    Remember, its not the technology which is suspect, its how its used by different people, in different non-repeatable situations every day, from outside influeneces found during real world uses of speed detection devices.............

    For the OHIO members, the state has purged several older LTI LIDAR units through surplus liquidators who have been selling them on Ebay. Its safe to surmize that OHIO is updating to the "latest and greatest" LIDAR technology over the last few months.................

    Study the info publically available on the web to learn more about how you can fight your ticket and how some errors are made using speed detecting equipment.

    Most of the best, I've found has been here at -Suf Daddy



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