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    Default Debating turning off K in California

    Hey everyone! I've had my V1 for almost two years, and tend to use it on mostly long distance drives between Norcal and Socal on US-101, or longer trips around the Bay Area. Works like a charm for the former. So for my fellow Californians, if wouldn't mind sharing...does anyone else turn off K-band detection for freeway trips? I know the locals still use it, but I've never encountered a legitimate K threat in my almost two years of using my V1. Sometimes it's automatic doors (which I've automuted, so I don't mind), but those traffic drones (I-680, CA-41 between SLO and Fresno, and ESPECIALLY US-101 in Santa Barbara County) annoy the hell out of me when I get blasted with full-strength, I/O K-band every 15 seconds. So I'm nearly convinced there's no good reason to keep it on in CA for non-city driving, but I'd love to hear if any Californians feel otherwise. Thanks for any insight! -Cameron

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    Default Re: Debating turning off K in California

    Welcome to the club. This is why the 9500 series Escorts are most practical for SoCal. The lockout features offered by the 9500 are the only serious option for the unique problems you face.

    Unfortunately, that results in a trade-off of responsiveness for quietness. The V1 can't be beat in that respect.

    The ultimate solution for SoCal is a combination of the 9500ci for x and k bands, combined with a V1 for Ka band only. Between the two, you get quietness, responsiveness, and ultimate sensitivity. But you pay a premium price for that.

    The other two choices are what we have already discussed, which is either a V1 with X and K turned off, or a 9500 only. Personally -- if I couldn't afford the combo -- I think I'd rather go with the V1 and X & K locked out than to give up responsiveness with the 9500. At least that way, you'd be 100 percent on the biggest threat.

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    Default Re: Debating turning off K in California

    I've encountered Long Beach PD running K band on the 710 and the 405 quite a few times, so locals running K band on the Cali freeways is rare, but it does happen. I've also seen Irvine PD running laser on the 405. CHP started using radar in 1999 and when they did, they purchased only Stalker 34.7Ka band systems and continue to do so to this day. CHP does not own a single K band radar system, so you are in no danger of running into CHP using K band. Turning off K band on freeway trips is very low risk, but not zero risk, although you'd probably feel real dumb if you sped right up on some C/O K band.

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    Default Re: Debating turning off K in California

    Thank you both for your input and advice! I agree that that is an entirely plausible scenario of encountering a local running K on a freeway (and Stealth, props for that clever way to get total coverage and quietness), but unfortunately budget constraints indeed dictate that I only own one RD. Most of my driving is on more rural stretches of road where I need the range, so I have decided to keep my V1 and turn off K for a quieter ride, but I will remember to be more light footed on freeways running through local jurisdictions. Thanks again for the information...I will let you know if I ever get screwed over by said C/O K trap

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    Default Re: Debating turning off K in California

    I personally would NOT turn off k band as in rural areas, you are more prone to stumbling upon some form of k band. I have had friends get tickets from k band radar in Cali. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Debating turning off K in California

    I've never experienced k band being used by the CHP. I have seen it used here in sacramento by local PD's though. Most of the time laser is the weapon of choice.

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    Default Re: Debating turning off K in California

    CHP don't use it. They use Laser and Ka 34.7 only (pacing too).

    Some locals use it, and sometimes on the freeway. I've had 2 K tickets since 2004 in SoCal.

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    Default Re: Debating turning off K in California

    Another vote to not turn it off altogether, as I've recently seen it pop up on freeways and back roads. I just have mine on auto mute.



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